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:o :s ? aghast Alien amazed Andrew andrew hussie angry animated anime annoyed apple ate austpisice autograph ¬.¬ ¬_¬ bat beat beating bee bemused binary bird black blue bonk bow buckley bye candy carapice people Cat Cat in the Hat cheeky cheer chum chummy clap Colley Computers confused cookie cool corn crazy CSI dance Dave dave strider death Death Note deathnote demotivational despair Desu Noto devil Dirk disgust distraught doc scratch Dren drool drooling dry eat eating eek Egbert embarrassed embarrassing emoticon English evil exasperated eye eyebrow eyes face facepalm finger firman flip foam finger food frown frustrated fuckley gay ghost gif golgothasTerror goodbye green grim grin gun happy Harley Hat head hearst heart hello hi Homestuck homosexual horrified huh Hussie insolent Jade Jake John Karkat kat Killjoy Kish Kishu kismesis Kissh Kisshu kitten kitty Lalonde Lard Leijon lick Light lips Lord love mad magical girl matesprit mellow Mew Mew Power middle moirallegiance motivational MS Paint Adventures MSPA mspaint adventures mystified mystify mystifying Nepeta never no nod nom nor not num number one nummy oh my out palm pester pesterchum pink poster pranky Prince Charming Prince of Heart professor prompt propeller pumpkin purple quadrants Quiche rancorous reader reaper record red red face robot roll romance Rose scared scarred scowlsmiley shake shaken Shi-Anne shifty shocking sleep sleeping sleeps sleepy slimer smile smiler smiley smitten Snow White Someday my prince will come squiddle Strider suicide sunglasses surprising tear tense The Cat in the Hat thumbs down thumbs up tired tires tiring Tokyo Mew Mew tongue Troll trolling trolls twisted type undecided unsure upset Vantas Wandering Vagabond wandering vagrabond Warweary Villein Wastelandic Vindicator wave weasel weasle weird what what pumpkin wink winked winking winks winky Wizardly Vassal worship WV Yagami yea yeah yes yuck yuk yum yummy

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