She is shy, this really in love with Gray Fullbuster. She is 18 years but not really look it as it is low and mistaken for a girl of 14 years, even that she likes, she is said to date remains the same... but since I entered the profession change a little attitude, which she loves food and is to be as close to Gray to look as it does not have the courage to speak without a reason. No equipment and you do not like being in the midst of losing someone like spent several years with his brother. This in the trade as his brother (his only family, as I fail to meet his mother who died when Panda was born and his father left his mother alone) was of Fairy Tail and I swear I would be there to continue the dream of his brother. There is much talk in the guild, but would love to have even that is a friend in him. His power is very low because the fire is ice is similar to the power of Gray, his mark of the guild is close to her right breast as his brother was killed by an arrow near the chest. Well I hope you like my new rpc *-* and is of Fairy Tail ♥