BRAND NEW IN BOX $22. Park your car in the perfect spot every time. Steer clear of the bumps, scrapes and anxiety associated with driving into your garage from now on. With its easy-to-see traffic light design and advanced ultrasonic sensors, Park It guides you inside. Simply observe the traffic lights, proceeding slowly until you reach your ideal spot and stopping when the light turns red. Auto On/Off detects your vehicle's movement. Features dual-power AC adapter with DC battery backup. Uses four AA batteries (not included). Wide sensing range works in most garages. With a range that encompasses 1.3' to 16', you can use Park It in almost any size garage, with most vehicles. Easy to install. Mounting Park It on the garage wall is a simple, one-time installation that takes just minutes. Just obey the lights. Green light activates at 16', yellow at 8' and red at your desired distance. *** There's nothing wrong with it. I received it as a Christmas gift and just don't need it. Brookstone carries them only during the holiday season. They retail for $36.95 ***